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Handigrip Pro - Classic Reacher


Just like a human hand, the Handi-Grip Pro picks up what you want like your own finger and thumb.

Have you lost movement in your hands? The Handigrip claw/jaw rotates like your wrist. Simple pull and twist to reach where you want to reach. For example, back of the sofa, behind the washing machine, draw the curtains.

What else?

  • The Soft lips flex – you can easily pick up a coin off the hall floor. Try it with a human hair!
  • With a wider opening jaw, you can pick up as much as you can hold – bottle, tin, jar.
  • Non slip grip – even with you pick up a blouse or the newspaper.
  • Did you know – the hooked trigger is great for pulling up socks or putting on your coat/jumper.

Available in two sizes - 80cm or 66cm

For You.

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