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iGuerburn Talking Day Clock 8"- Touch Screen


Staying ahead of your schedule can be challenging for even the most organised people; and it can be made that much harder by conditions such as memory loss, dementia, blindness, or Alzheimer’s.

Time orientation can become a struggle for all sorts of reasons, often leading to anxiety, agitation and increased confusion.

The multipurpose iGuerburn Digital Talking Clock helps give you an audible reminder up to 8 times a day to accomplish your goals, take your medicine, and stay on top of all the other things that need to be done.

More than a clock, you can also help keep memories strong by storing important photos of friends or family, so they can be seen right on the vibrant screen. 


  • Talking Digital Clock
  • 2 Display Modes
  • Vibrant Touchscreen
  • Easy to Read Numbers and Letters (All capital letter, No abbreviations)
  • Customized Display Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, or All Day
  • Large 8” Display
  • Battery Time Setting Memory (Power Failure Safety)
  • 12-Hour or 24-Hour Settings
  • Audio and Text in 6 Languages
  • Brightness and Voice Volume Adjustable

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