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Immedia PediTurn Hard Swivel Cushion


The Immedia PediTurn is a Swivel turntable cushion for the floor, designed to assist pivot transfers between seated positions, such as bed to wheelchair, or wheelchair to car. There is a hard surface model and a soft surface model. This one is the hard.

it is a transfer aid particularly useful in small spaces- for example getting into the car.

Ideal when the user cannot move their feet easily to turn in a circle during the transfer - it reduces strain on knee and foot joints by removing the need to try to take small steps to turn around. It can be used independently if the person is able (see picture here) or with the assistance of a carer.

Constructed of smooth nylon material for optimal glide function, even when the feet are placed awkwardly on the turnplate, while the non-slip underside prevents the user from sliding.

The carer must ensure that they are able to safely guide the transfer when using a swivel turner. The use of a secure transfer belt is highly recommended so that the carer can guide the movement holding something more secure than movable clothing.

400mm diameter

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