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InStep Laser Cane - Helps Overcome Freezing Gait


Walking can be smooth again with the Laser Cane! Simply take normal steps as the laser light projects a bright red line across your path as a safe, obstacle-free visual cue enabling Parkinson's patients and others to break “freezing” episodes and increase stride length. 

Laser Cane is perfect for those seeking minor walking support with freeze reduction technology.


  • Completely height adjustable for the most comfortable fit. Handle height range: 790 mm - 1016 mm
  • Weight activated switch activates the laser line when you press down on the cane and switches it off when you lift it 
  • Powered by two easy to replace AA batteries, which typically last at least 6 months (depending on usage)
  • All wires and laser components are hidden and well-protected inside the lightweight cane.

NOTE: If more walking support is needed for safe mobility, you might wish to consider the U-step Walking Stabilizer, an advanced and easy to manoeuvre walker that also offers the laser module as an option.

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