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Jadco Wall Clock with Calendar - Large


This is a very popular clock for aiding people with memory impairment to maintain their orientation to time of day, month and year helping to reassure them and reduce anxiety and confusion.

This popular calendar clock features a 70mm analogue clock-face and day/date calendar in the European format.


  • The industry standard for banks, offices and Post Offices, the BQ12 is also becoming more popular in the home.
  • With a large analogue clock-face and day date calendar that can be read up to 15 meters away
  • The BQ12 includes a reliable German movement and an automatic calendar function that self-adjusts for leap years.
  • The flip card display remains readable under fluorescent lighting, unlike many LCD clocks.

Measurements: H 380 x W 310 x D 75 mm   W 1.2 kg


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