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Jarkey Jar Opener


The Jarkey presents an easy way to open jars, that anybody can use - think jam jars and tomato paste! These will become easy.....

It allows you to release the air vacuum from the lid which is holding it tight. Once the air is released the lid can usually be easily screwed off without effort and doesn't need a strong grip.

The optimum design of Jarkey allows perfect positioning on metal screw top lids to leverage the airtight seal.

All it takes is a simple tilt to release the air pressure so that you can then smoothly unscrew the lid.

Its a must for any kitchen utensil drawer that can help weak hands of youngsters or arthritis sufferers (and the rest of us in between) to open those really tight jar lids with ease.

Product Features:

  • Simple to use to Open jars with an easy lift and pop.
  • Durable plastic design 
  • Variety of colours chosen randomly
  • Dimensions: W 140mm x D 50mm
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