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Key Safe Padlock - 4 Digit PIN


The Key Safe Lock is a strong cast steel lockable box easily mounted externally to your home with your spare house keys inside.

Placing a spare key in the Key Safe allows you to give access to your home to people you trust when it is necessary. If you have regular carers, family members, cleaners or friends visiting and find it difficult to get to the door to let them in, or they need to get in when you are not home or not able to answer on any occasion, you can simply give them the PIN code for the key safe and they can let themselves in if you choose.

It is useful to give family members or a close friend the PIN code so that if you should ever need emergency services they can give them the PIN code to be able to enter the home to help you.

The key safe is easily mounted or locked onto an immovable object somewhere outside the home. Many holiday and rental properties use this type of Key Safe.

The 4 digit PIN code can easily be changed so that as those you want to allow access to might change, you can change the code and give the new code only to those you wish to continue to be able to enter.

This is very handy and means you will no longer have to hide keys. CHL-HNBS

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