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Kinsman Classic Weighted Cutlery Set


The Classic Weighted Cutlery Set is specially designed to assist to steady movements whilst eating for those with hand tremors.

The handle is built up for easier grasping and is made of a non-slip material with added weight. It is easy to grasp and hold and the cutlery is made from durable stainless steel.

The additional weight in these assistive utensils provides control and dignity for the user keeping their hands more steady as they eat.

The Kinsman Classic Weighted Utensils have a soft, non-slip built up handle for easy gripping, and can be used with either hand. The light grey colouring easily blends to your dinnerware setting and the spoons and fork shaft design allows the utensils to be bent for left or right angles for a customised eating experience.

Kit contains one fork, knife, teaspoon/dessert spoon, and soup spoon.

Made from durable stainless steel, these dishwasher safe utensils will help you take control and eat more efficiently and independently.


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