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Kinsman Freedom Divided Plate with Suction Pad


The Freedom Divided Plate with suction base, is fabulous for one handed eating or where greater stability of the plate will be of assistance to successfully get the food onto utensils for independent eating. It combines the utility of a partitioned plate with the stability of the non-slip, no-spill vacuum suction pad.

The high-rising partitions of the Freedom Divided Plate give the user an edge when trying to scoop or stick foods, especially if the user only has use of one hand, has a tremor, hand weakness or coordination challenges.

People with low vision have also benefited from the straight edges and section "walls" assisting them to successfully get the food onto their spoon or fork and prevent food falling off the edges of the plate.

Perfect for flat table tops, wheelchair trays and over-bed tables. No more suction cup feet that slide and loose their grip.

The plate has a 23cm diameter to allow for plentiful portions and is 4.4cm high.

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