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Lightweight Foam Handled Cutlery - Options


These extremely lightweight stainless steel utensils are mounted on plastic stems and sealed into light grey foam handles, to provide assistance to those with arm or hand weakness or painful grip.

See choices below to purchase a set, or traditional "straight" cutlery pieces, or angled versions for reducing movement and dexterity requirements where required.

The foam is comfortable to hold and washable- You will be amazed how light these utensils are.

The foam handle is Latex free and has a diameter of 28mm

Handle length: 115mm.

Angled versions of the lightweight foam range for those with limited wrist or arm movement to make it easier to bring food to the mouth.

The knife can be used without cocking the wrist and can be used with a rocking action to cut food. The Knife blade is at a 90º angle.

The fork and spoon are available as right (R) or left (L) handed versions. Fork and spoon heads come pre-bent at 40º angles to enable easy reaching to the mouth with the utensil end.

The foam is Latex free, comfortable to hold and washable in the sink with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Note: Not suitable for dishwasher.

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