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Metro Car Handle With Torch


The Metro Car Handle Plus (with Torch) makes getting in-and-out of the car that much easier.

Simply slide the handle into the striker/door-latch -on the passenger or driver's side for extra support while sitting or rising to stand.

It fits any door striker – so you can have support anywhere in the car for stress-free travelling -even in a taxi.

It also includes a flashlight for greater visibility getting from the car to the comfort of bed late at night.

When you’re done, simply place the handle in your car and you’re ready to go.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-Slip Grip - easily stand from your car without falling.
  • Easy-Leverage - handle is placed in optimal position for maximum leverage.
  • Flashlight - for extra visibility at night
  • Durable - supports up to 500 lbs (227kg).
  • Universal - fits most strikers – no vehicle modification required.
  • Portable to take with you whenever you'll be travelling.


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