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Molicare Pads - Carton


MoliCare Pad is an ideal range for light bladder leakage for female and male. MoliMed Comfort fit perfectly to any body shape and can be worn inside normal underwear.


  • Contoured shape and elastic leg gathers for perfect fit and comfort
  • Adhesive strip to secure to underwear or MoliPants
  • Odour neutraliser
  • Skin friendly pad

Size and Absorbency:

  • Pad 2 - 290 ml
  • Pad 3 - 440 ml
  • Pad 4 - 825 ml

Pad 3 and 4 come in carton of 6 x 28

Pad 2 comes in carton 12 x 28

This product is for a carton of multiple packs, click here if you would like to purchase an individual pack.

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