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Mrs Peggs Ultralight Portable Clothesline - Options


The portable Mrs Pegg's Handy Line is the perfect alternative to conventional clotheslines, electric dryers, airers and can be left outside permanently or easily folded for storage.

The lower line height reduces strain on the back and shoulders and can reduce the risk of falls while carrying wet washing to an outside clothesline.

It is recommended that you use a laundry trolley to carry baskets of washing. Falls risk is greater when people can't see their feet!

The Handy Line clothesline is a lightweight portable clothes dryer, which can be used outdoors or indoors.

Its compact design means it can be used almost anywhere and is ideal for living areas with limited space such as apartments, retirement villages, balconies and courtyards.

The washing line/clothes dryer is crafted from powder coated aluminium which makes it lightweight and rust proof. Each size is capable of holding a full wash load including large and heavy items such as sheets and towels. No assembly required!

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