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Multipurpose Chair Cushion - Options


Australian Made Multi-Purpose Seat Cushion is a heavy grade, deep-pile convoluted egg-carton shaped foam cushion, giving some pressure relieving comfort by spreading body's load through providing less contact area - Perfect for conventional seating, stadium seating & wheelchairs where just a bit of extra padding is required but pressure injury risk is low.

Ideal for anyone sitting for long periods. The surface convolution allows increased air circulation to dissipate heat and moisture.

Lightweight and easy to transport, it is ideal to take anywhere that sitting for long periods is required - eg: sporting events.

The Multi-Purpose comfort cushion fits snugly on wheelchairs.

Comes in Dura-fab or Steri-plus covers

  • Dura-fab is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric that comes in a dark grey that suits any decor. Dura-fab is a washable polyester that repels most soiling. For those who do not require a moisture resistant fabric. Able to either hand wash & hang dry, or dry clean.
  • Steri-plus is a polyurethane bonded to a polyester backing. It is moisture resistant and is easily cleaned by wiping down with a mild detergent and warm water. It is an extremely durable and comes in an attractive mid green colour.

* If greater pressure relief is required try the Diffuser Memory Foam seat Cushion, Bullsone Balance Gel, Equagel or Roho seat cushions.

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