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One Touch Automatic Can Opener


Opening cans with a manual can opener is just too difficult if your grip isn’t what it used to be—and it can be dangerous navigating a metal can’s sharp edges. No longer! Just one touch of the innovative hands-free One Touch Automatic Can Opener is all that’s needed to make short work just about any can.

The innovative hands-free One-Touch automatic can opener will remove the lid in just one touch. The opener 'walks' around the can and switches itself off automatically, leaving an easy-to-remove lid with no sharp edges. Perfect for seniors, or anyone with weak hands as there is no gripping, twisting, pain or fuss required.

  • Effortless, one-touch action – no twisting, no pulling, no pain.
  • Perfect for seniors or those with poor grip strength.
  • suitable for most cans between 53mm to 153mm diameter. FB-OT

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