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One Touch Automatic Jar Opener


The One Touch Automatic Jar Opener will open stubborn lids at the touch of a button, enhancing independence in older individuals and people with weaker grip or movement limitations.

The One Touch Jar Opener is completely automatic and safe, perfect for those who may have a weaker grip or coordination difficulties and need a little assistance.

How it works:

  • With just a single touch of a button your jar opens in seconds.
  • It grips nearly any size jar firmly and clamps itself onto the lid.
  • The powerful, high-torque motor exerts up to 25 pounds of force to unlock the lid, releasing the seal with ease.
  • Opens all jars with 30mm to 88mm diameter lids.
  • Powered by two AA batteries (not included).

This item enhances independence and is small enough can be kept in the kitchen draw. FB-OT

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