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Peak 6 Inch Rollators - Options


The Peak Care Ellipse 6" Rollator is a folding, lightweight, four wheeled rollator with adjustable height handles. As the size of the wheels are quite small it is recommended that this walker be used indoors or on smooth surfaces.

If ability to cross small thresholds,changeing or rough surfaces, or use outdoors is required, it is safer to use a walker with at least 8 inch wheels as they will roll over changes in surface more smoothly. Click here for the 8 inch wheel option.

The soft touch brake allows the user to brake temporarily or lock the wheels for added safety.

Comes complete with a bag and basket, helpful for carrying things around the house or to keep shopping or personal items safe when out and about.

Comes in Red, Blue or Champagne CHL-M

Petite size comes only in Red

Click here for PETITE SIZE specifications and more information.

Click here for REGULAR SIZE specifications and more information.

Click here to view the user guide.

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