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Peak Swivel Soft Seat Cushion


The Swivel Cushion makes getting in and out of the car so much easier.  Place on the seat,  sit straight down into the seat and swivel to turn legs into the car. The cushion is comfortable to sit on and should be left in place whilst travelling to be useful again at the end of the journey to swivel both legs out of the car to place firmly on the ground before standing to exit.

Avoid painful movements with this cleverly designed swivel cushion which reduces the effort required to turn to sit or stand.

This comfortable cushion is ideal for cars, as well as for sitting and turning on a chair without arms- for example sitting on a dining chair then using the swivel aid to turn to face the table.

It helps to reduce straining of the back, hips, and knees when repositioning.


  • Non- slip base to prevent movement.
  • Low friction discs to enable easy swivel.
  • Quilted top panel for extra comfort.

For You.

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