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Perfect Petzzz Shih Tzu


Perfect Petzzz come in many breeds of dogs or cats as well as a baby koala and a baby panda. They are lovable, cuddly, breathing, life-like replicas of small animals.

Perfect Petzzz are THE perfect pet for the young, old, and every age in between. Dementia Pets

Our breathing stuffed animals are extremely energy efficient and can last around 4 months on one “D” battery (1st one supplied).

They are made of quality materials and they are constructed by hand. Each one is unique and has its own expression.

Each Perfect Pet comes with a soft berber bed, a collar and dog tag, a small wooden brush, 1 “D” battery, an adoption certificate, and a carrier to safely transport your new companion.

These pets will keep you entertained for hours with their life-like breathing that you can actually see. The little belly rises and falls with each breath like a real sleeping animal! If you put your ear to the pet’s tummy you can hear a faint snoring or purring sound which many people say is very soothing. They also make great companions for anyone who likes animals and who could use some company!

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