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PETA - EasiGrip Food Preparation Board


The Peta Food Preparation System is designed to assist those with weak hand function or partial loss of use of one hand, to provide a solution for easier peeling, slicing and grating. This high quality attractive food preparation board offers increased independence for preparing meals at home.


The multi-purpose food preparation board is ideal for peeling, slicing and grating food using a single tool.

The set comprises of:

  • An attractive thick Rubberwood board,
  • A multi-functional kitchen tool with peeler, slicer, and grater - stainless steel metal parts,
  • A spiked area to keep food secure while being cut - this can be inverted and stored out of the way when not being used  
  • A stainless-steel collecting bowl.


  • Overall Dimensions: 438 mm (17 1/4 inches) in length, 305 mm (12 inches) in width, stands 51 mm (2 inches) high.
  • Bowl Dimensions: 140 mm (5 1/2 inches) wide, 197 mm (7 3/4 inches) long, 38 mm (1 1/2 inches) deep.


  • Wipe clean board, bowls dishwasher safe.

This easy to maintain dishwasher safe food preparation board is all you need to complete your meal preparation.

For You.

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