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Philips Induction Hotplate - Stay Cool Surface for Safer Cooking


If you have any concerns about people leaving the stove on, reaching across or touching a hot stove surface, placing combustible things on a hot surface or leaving things cooking because they forget they are on... this might be the safety solution that you are looking for.

This safer induction hotplate with simple one touch timer heats the food in the pot and the pot will get hot, but not the "hotplate" surface. It will be warm to touch but not at a temperature that will burn the skin or anything placed on it. People with cognitive impairment, dementia, and children can cook more safely with an induction stay-cool cook-top. Rather than replacing the current stove you could just disconnect it and place this convenient single hotplate (or 2 if you need more capacity) on the bench.


  • Safer stay cool surface
  • spills are easy to wipe up off the smooth surface
  • cooks food as much as 50 percent faster with induction.
  • When you change the temperature setting, the electromagnetic field adjusts almost instantly, giving you excellent control over cooking temperatures.
  • Induction cooktops provide energy savings, because the magnetic energy goes directly to the pan and there is little heat wasted.

If you are concerned about someone with Dementia and their independence to cook and manage at home it might be a good idea to arrange an Occupational Therapy assessment to see what might help their specific circumstances.

Features of the Phillips induction cooker:

  • Boasts a copper heating coil with 18 high conductivity magnetic strips, a genuine 2100 W of heating power, instantly reaching temperatures of 280 degrees, full power control and high-efficiency heating.
  • Whirlwind fan provides rapid cooling and long service life.
  • Ultra thin design for a luxurious and elegant experience, also reducing the risk of spills if pots are placed too close to the edge.
  • 10 power levels suitable for different cooking needs. 10 temperature settings with a maximum temperature of 280 degrees, low temperatures for slow simmering and high temperatures for quick frying, to satisfy all your culinary requirements with ease.
  • Preset and timed cooking functions save time and hassle.
  • Child lock keeps your kitchen safer and offers peace of mind. During cooking, press and hold the child lock for 3 seconds to automatically lock the operating panel to avoid misuse and harm to children. Cooking with peace of mind. Simply press again and hold for 3 seconds to unlock.
  • Thermal efficiencies of up to 90% based on National Level 1 energy efficiency evaluations.
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