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Revolution Chair Height Adjustable - Choose Colour


Many people experience difficulty getting into a chair that is placed near a dining table and then have difficulty scooting the chair towards the table to position themselves where they want to be to eat comfortably. The Height Adjustable version of the Revolution Armchair incorporates a unique, patented “swivel-slide” design allowing easy user access to sit in the chair then swivel to face the table and slide in toward the table - all without actually needing to move the whole chair.

The chair seat can be turned left or right to accommodate its user. It can then be slowly turned to face the table and gradually slid forward until the user is around 150mm (standard) distance from the table edge.

When the user wishes to exit the chair, a tab on the side of the seat is lifted and the seat smoothly slides back from the table.

Then, the seat can be rotated away from the table and the user can safely and easily exit the chair.

No more “hipping” chairs up to the table improving user dignity and reducing OH&S risk for staff or family.

The chair is safe, has no wheels and can support a user up to 120kg.

A wide range of colour choices are available.

Please click here for colour choices  Please call our friendly staff in store if you would like to enquire about colours not included in the drop down list.

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