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RoseCup Clear With Sipper and Straw Insert


The RoseCup has been designed to assist with access to nutrition and hydration for anyone struggling with feeding and swallowing or who has been diagnosed with dysphagia. The RoseCup is designed to use with your preferred selection of attachments. The attachments provide different levels of control for you while using your RoseCup with thickened liquids.

We recommend you use thickened meals/liquids with the RoseCup- it can be used for non thickened liquids as an easy delivery method for those without dysphagia also. 


  • Spill-proof when fitted with a lid and an attachment.
  • Uses the sucking reflex to assist with swallowing.
  • Able to be used in different positions.
  • Designed to minimise head tilting.
  • Adaptable through attachment selection to suit individual need and preference.
  • Easy to clean.
  • You can use your RoseCup with your own thickened liquids/meals.
  • Volume control

RoseCup with Sipper Options

  • RoseCup with Sipper
    • Flow of liquid through the sipper is controlled by tipping the cup toward you on an angle to allow the liquid to flow into your mouth.
  • RoseCup Sipper with Flow Control Insert
    • You can reduce the speed of the flow of liquid through the sipper attachment by inserting a Flow Control Valve. These are available as an additional option for your sipper attachment.
  • RoseCup Sipper with Straw Insert - THIS PRODUCT
    • Another option for flow control with your sipper is to insert the one-way Straw attachment. The Straw-Insert operates in a similar way to using a straw to suck through. This can be used while sitting upright or even leaning forward.

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