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RoseCup Complete Kit Without Bag


The RoseCup has been developed in Australia and is a TGA registered, Class 1 Medical Device. It has been designed to assist with access to nutrition and hydration for anyone struggling with feeding and swallowing or who has been diagnosed with dysphagia.

The RoseCup provides a valuable drinking aid for those with difficulties feeding and swallowing, or for those who just need a little extra support when drinking and staying hydrated. The RoseCup is long lasting, robust and made in Australia from high quality materials. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, manufactured to Australian Nursing Home Industry Standards (88 degrees).

The complete kit includes all of the main sipping attachments and accessories to get you started with using this unique drinking aid. This option does not include the Carry Bag but has all functional parts required to use all feeding delivery modes available from the RoseCup system.
The matt finish square on the lid allows the entry of personal information with a marker pen.

The following accessories are included in the complete kit: 

  • The Spoon Attachment - The ideal introduction to using the RoseCup and perfect for those who just need a little extra support when taking fluids and staying hydrated.
  • The Sipper Attachment - For people who have difficulties using standard drinking cups. This sipper provides extra flow control and makes it easier to sip and swallow. You can use the RoseCup sipper with any of the three levels of thickened fluids.
  • The Soft Silicone Spout Attachments - A great aid for those with more advanced feeding and swallowing difficulties. Ideal for use when sucking leads to safer swallowing, the spouts ensure only 3ml of fluid is released with every suck. All 3 soft silicone spouts for all three levels of thickened fluids are included in full kit.
  • The Flow Reduction valve - to be used with the sipper or the Spout attachments
  • The One way straw insert - to be used with the Sipper attachment to enable drinking without any extension and by taking small sucking actions. 

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