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Rosecup for Dysphagia With Silicone Soft Spout - Options


The RoseCup has been designed to assist with providing safer nutrition and hydration for anyone struggling with feeding and swallowing or who has been diagnosed with dysphagia. When used with the Soft Spout attachments the RoseCup assists with the process of swallowing your thickened liquid meal.

The RoseCup provides volume control of your meal when used with the Soft Spout attachments. This occurs because you need to suck on the soft spout to release the liquid. Each time you do this only a limited amount 3mls of liquid is released into your mouth. This function prevents a continuous flow of liquid, allowing you to control the amount of fluid you take each time - reducing the risk of choking.

 There is a choice of 3 Silicone spouts each designed to deliver a measured 3ml dose of liquid.

  • Green spout for mildly thick liquids
  • Purple spout for moderately thick liquids
  • Blue spout for extremely thick liquids.

You can purchase the cup with one spout then buy extra spout attachments, the spoon attachment, the sipper attachment, sipper with one-way straw attachment, or the reduced flow valve to use with sipper or silicone spouts.

There is also a full kit containing all attachments (with or without the kit bag) if you are likely to require different food delivery methods for different liquids, varying energy levels or changing posture requirements from time to time or across the day. The full kit is also useful for therapists to trial with clients to see which delivery method is preferred and most effective in providing safer nutrition.


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