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RoseCup Individual Attachments - Options


Below is a list of the individual attachments that can add further versatility and options for the use of the RoseCup.

Some people like to have a range of feeding options for different foods, different moods, postures or energy levels throughout the day.

There is also a full kit containing all attachments (with or without the kit bag).

3 silicon spouts are each for a specific rating of thickened liquid and matched wiht the correct rating will deliver 3ml of liquid per suck: 

Green Cuff and Spout  -for Mildly thick liquids

Purple Cuff and Spout -for Moderately thick liquids

Blue Cuff and Spout    -for Extremely thick liquids 

Sipper Attachment- enables the RoseCup to be used as a multi-handled sipper cup. If the person does not have good neck extension, the addition of the one way straw insert will enable them to drink without tilting their head back at all.

Flow control insert is designed to slow the flow of thickened liquid even further and can be used with the sipper or the silicone spouts.

One way straw insert to use with the Sipper- enabling drinking with neck in neutral or flexed position and requires much less "sucking force" than required to drink from a straw. Repeated small "sucks" will get the liquid to the top of the spout and it will remain there to be topped up by small subsequent sucking as the food is consumed.

Spoon Attachment is useful for consuming mildly thick or moderately thick liquids where the food can slowly keep refilling the spoon. This is particularly useful for those who like to take tiny repetitive "licks" from a spoon and where continually having a spoon presented to them might cause resistance. Sometimes people are happy to sit and slowly drink/lick from the continuous feeding provided by this spoon attachment.

Silicon seal replacement -this ring prevents leaking when the cup is being used for non-thickened liquids, like all small parts it may be lost- so we offer replacements.

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