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The SafeStraw Drinking Aid for Dysphagia Helps people with swallowing difficulties to Drink Fluids Safely

  • Safe straw for dysphagia fits in standard cups and bottles
  • Use with any 0.25-in diameter straw
  • Delivers approximately 6.2 ml's (roughly 1 tsp) per suck
  • Assists with prevention of aspiration when drinking fluids

Straws not included

How Does it Help swallowing?

Patients with dysphagia have difficulty swallowing or consuming liquids because of their inability to control the liquid bolus.

The SafeStraw provides a limited bolus size by use of a fluid chamber, one way valve, and float. As the patient sucks on the straw, fluid flows through the valve and into the chamber. When the fluid travels through the chamber to the straw, the float rises. After around 6.2ml's the float reaches the top of the chamber closing it off preventing the patient from receiving more fluid. Once they stop sucking, the float sinks to the bottom of the chamber.

This break gives them time to control the liquid bolus and safely swallow. Once the float has reached the bottom of the chamber they can safely draw another 6.2ml's of fluid.

For use with nectar thickened liquids (blue straw) and thin liquids (choose white straw).

Carbonated, honey thickened, or pulpy beverages will render SafeStraw ineffective.

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