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Savanah Bath Step Modular


This modular bath step makes getting into and out of the bath easier. A single step has a 10cm raise and the modularity of the Savanah Bath Step allows it to be stacked on top of each other or clipped together to give a larger area or create a small stair.

The step is lightweight and has a foam mat for extra comfort and warmth under-foot. Each additional step adds an extra 5cm to the height of the step, up to a maximum of six steps (giving a 35.5cm raise).

  • It is lightweight and easy to position.
  • Modular design allows multiple height options.

Each step is sold individually.

  • Length: 48cm
  • Width: 38cm
  • Height: 10cm
  • Bath step weight: 1.3 kgs
  • Maximum user weight: 190 kgs

CAUTION: Ensure that there is a secure hand hold available to steady yourself if using a step to enter or exit the bath, and place a non-slip mat in the bath to step onto. bariatric

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