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Scoop & Spread 28cm Single


This handy tool scrapes, scoops, slices soft foods and spreads. If gripping kitchen tools and managing tasks like spreading is tricky with a standard knife, this larger, slightly flexible, silicon spreader might be really helpful. It is easier to grip, has more surface area to spread butter or jam, and won't destroy the toast if your spreading movement is not smooth!

It also has a flat bottom scoop to get the food out of jars, the other end can cut soft foods, spread jams, butters, pate and so much more!

BPA free and dishwasher safe.


  • Length    27cm long
  • Spatula   3.8cm wide
  • Scoop     3.7cm wide

COLOURS: Supply colours vary so you will receive a surprise colour.

(If you do want a specific colour please phone to check if it is available).

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