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Simple Music Player


The ’Simple Music Player’ has been designed to be as easy as possible to operate for people living with dementia.

Setting up the player is undertaken by friends, family or carers, as a one time process.

Extensive trialling has verified that the operation is highly intuitive and does not require any prior knowledge or memory to start and stop the player.

The styling is also reminiscent of old radios and is instantly recognisable as something which plays music.

To operate, there are only three controls:

  • Start playing music – just lift the lid
  • Skip this song – (optional) press the big button
  • Stop the music – close the lid The music will always continue from where it was last stopped.

The beneficial effects of music for people with dementia are quite outstanding; both for improving the quality of life, especially when living alone, and for its healthy restorative effects on cognisance and lucidity. People with dementia often find it difficult to operate modern music playing equipment so removing these obstacles enables them again to access the benefits of engaging with their favourite and meaningful tunes.

Available in Retro Red, Racing Green and Burr Walnut (Woodgrain effect).

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