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smartCRUTCH™ is the alternative forearm weight bearing crutches for easy everyday use offering the user a quality easier and more comfortable mobility with fully adjustable weight bearing settings, and feet, which mould to the undulating ground surface.

Spending time on crutches can be stressful and demanding on your everyday life-style. No one wants the frustration and discomfort of traditional crutches.

The smartCRUTCH™ team has developed a new vibrant and exciting generation of crutch with the user’s lifestyle in mind.

SmartCrutch offers Maximum comfort through fully adjustable custom settings. These new style of crutches give you unprecedented comfort and safety whilst looking sporty and modern.

They distribute the weight and pressure over a larger surface area and therefore reduce pain, discomfort and injuries that can occur when using conventional crutches.

Thanks to the unique modular construction, the crutches can be optimally adapted to your individual posture and movement.

The angle-adjustable forearm rests are comfortably padded and the handles are ergonomically shaped.

Product description:

  • Increased surface area resulting in a six times reduction in pressure
  • More comfort through even distribution on hands and forearms
  • Fully adjustable, modular design with specially developed and ergonomically shaped handles
  • Shaped foot for maximum surface contact and reduced risk of slipping.

Technical data:

  • Suits Body size with shoes: approx. 152 cm - 200 cm
  • Weight of each crutch: 0.8 kg
  • Min. height adjustment (floor to elbow): 96 cm Max.
  • Height adjustment (floor to elbow): 126 cm
  • Maximum permissible body weight of the user: 120 kg
  • Lower arm adjustment range: 270 mm to 360 mm

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