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Smartsense SOS & GPS Watch Package


For those who may feel uncomfortable wearing a pendant locator, we have the 3G SOS & GPS SmartWatch. Features include time, SOS button, touch screen phone and app compatible with Android and iOS phones for the family. One button push for time and for SOS alert in the event of a fall or if help is required.


Wearing the watch can become part of the daily routine so it is more likely that the person will have it on whenever they leave the house.

We recommend charging it at a time when others are present - say at breakfast, then ensuring the person has it on for the day. Charging is via a small plug in charging cord so some dexterity is required.

Family/carers can set a Geo-fence - that is set up an area boundary on a map so that if the watch leaves that "fenced area"an alert will be sent to the programmed mobile phones. This is of benefit if a person is safe within a local area but you would be concerned if they ventured further afield.

You can phone the watch and it will auto answer, so even if the wearer doesn't respond you can see on your app where they are and know that your voice is audible to them for reassurance, hopefully they will talk back and you can have a conversation for your peace of mind as well!

We think the Watch option is ideal for:

  • People where they are either very cognitively capable and dexterous and will be able to use all the features OR
  • People who have very little cognition and will not use any features (won't need to press the small SOS, or make calls) but you mainly want them to wear it so you can track/locate them should they go missing.


  • Real-time GPS & Wifi positions
  • Choice of analogue and digital watch faces
  • Emergency SOS alert - single button press on side of watch - needs reasonable dexterity to press this
  • Call and answer a phone call with the watch - automatic answer for specified numbers for added ease and safety
  • Clock reminder alarm
  • Message sending and receiving
  • Built in camera for photos
  • Step counter
  • Geo-fence enter-leave notifications to connected phones
  • App for Android and iOS
  • Battery life 1-2 days of regular use
  • Dimension 4.1 x 5.3 x 1.5 cm 40g
  • Low annual cost SIM card provided - estimate around $1-2 per month if only using for SOS rather than chatting!
  • At only 40g the watch is light and easy to wear indoors or out and about

When you are wearing your Smartsense GPS Smartwatch out walking, after two minutes the watch will start to send your GPS position and continue to send every two minutes while you continue to walk. The GPS information is stored on the Aibeile app server and available to view on Google maps by a family member at any time. GPS position information can also be requested by SMS to the watch.

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