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Sock Aid - Plastic


This simple aid is designed to assist with putting on a stocking or sock, especially if bending and reaching the foot is difficult.

Not suitable for compression stockings

How to use:

  • In a seated position, place the stocking/sock aid on your lap with the curved edge away from you and the trough facing upward.
  • Slide the sock/stocking onto the device with the heel facing down and keep gathering the sock into the notched edge until the toe is fully in contact with the curved end of the device.
  • Then holding the straps lower the device to the floor and slip your foot into the "tunnel" created by your sock and the curved device.
  • Gently pull the straps to pull the sock into position, and then remove the device.

NOTE: Not suitable for compression stockings- these are too firm for this device and will not enable it to remain open enough to get your foot in.

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