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Sound Oasis - Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers


Get to sleep with a pillow speaker while listening to relaxation music, meditation music, or sound therapy sounds without disturbing others.

Transform your favourite pillow into a soothing sleep station with the Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers. This slim profile speakers, which include an in-line volume control located conveniently on the cord, slip easily inside your pillowcase, so you can listen to your preferred music or sounds without resorting to uncomfortable headphones or ear buds. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about keeping your partner awake!

Two speakers mean that you will never lose a speaker as you roll from sleeping on one side to the other - simply position under the pillow so you have one speaker positioned for each ear.

Use sound to clear the mind and assist in slowing and deepening your breathing - without having to use uncomfortable earbuds or headphones.

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