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Sound Oasis - Small White Noise Machine


The World’s Smallest White Noise Machine is a portable sound machine that helps you sleep better on planes, manage tinnitus, improve concentration. It is so amazingly small that it fits in the palm of your hand.

Its the best white noise machine of its size, since it includes 10 different tones of white noise, with tone adjustment and continuous sound (no loops). You can use this tiny yet powerful white noise machine with the included earbud headphones, your own headphones or with pillow speakers.

This helpful device has a built-in rechargeable battery which charges by included USB cable. It has 20 hours of run time per charge but it can also be played continuously by plugging in the USB cable so you can use it all night. The volume control allows you to set the output level just right and the built-in clip allows you to attach it to your pocket or clothes.

Furthermore managing tinnitus has never been easier than with this small and powerful white noise machine. Whether you need a quiet low level sound to mask tinnitus or just sounds to help you concentrate, the world’s smallest white noise machine is for you.

Included in the package: White noise machine. Earbud headphones.  USB charging cable. Deluxe travel case.

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