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Spine Saver Roll - Options


These are conveniently sized portable lumbar back support cushions for the treatment and prevention of lower back pain, and come in 5 different shapes to choose from.

Five spine saving shapes are available in Traditional Foam, or Memory Foam (D shape Only). This simple yet effective product compensates for one's natural tendency to slouch when seated by filling in the hollow in your back and in turn supporting the lumbar curve. It features loops at each end for attaching to a chair if required.

Choose the right lumbar support shape to fit your body The different configurations allow you to select the size and shape for maximum comfort and support.

Which shape is best for you?

Demi-D - Traditional Foam: The smallest of the lumber rolls, designed for those that want a less pronounced lumbar support. If you have never used a lumber roll previously this model is a good starting point. Typically suits smaller body frames or those with a not very pronounced lumbar curve.

Oval - Traditional Foam: Very similar in size to the Demi-D shape Lumbar Roll, but with its curved shape it will be slightly more pronounced in its support without feeling too rigid. Typically suits smaller to medium body frames.

D - Memory Foam: A full sized lumbar roll but being memory foam it will mould to the shape of your back giving a full but less intrusive support- a more "huggy" feeling support. Suits medium body frames.

D - Traditional Foam: Most popular size. Gives good support and a noticeable postural benefit. If unsure this is the general "go to" product. Suited to medium and large body frames.

Round - Traditional Foam: Slightly more invasive than the D shaped Traditional Foam Lumbar Roll. This support is of most benefit when being used on couches, armchairs or chairs with padding as it will push into the padding but still provide lumbar support to your back curve. Typically suited to larger body frames.

Egg - Traditional Foam: A very noticeable support typically suited to the largest body frames and those wanting a very firm and rigid support through their lower back.

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