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The Squeezibo is an amazing sensory, relaxation and exercise product all in one! They are the perfect palm size and satisfyingly squishy and squeezzy- you will find yourself picking it up time and time again just because it feels so nice. 

The Squeezibo is super durable with a soft rubber inside and the absolutely beautiful stretchy cotton outside. People use these in Sensory Activities area as they are just amazing to play with, providing a range of activities such as catch and throw games; hand strengthening exercise, while also being a great tool to help with self regulation for kids or adults who find this difficult sometimes.


Squeezibo is the ultimate stress ball. It's got super soft and durable rubber inside and a beautiful stretchy cotton on the outside. So soft, quiet and very tactile, this unique combination makes for a perfect way to keep anyone occupied or to relieve a meltdown. Always keep your Squeezibo handy, and when you need to let off some steam, take a deep breath, give Squeezibo your best squeeze, and relax! It's so good you'll never want to let it out of your hands... 

These fantastic Squeezibos come in different animal designs or plain colours too.

FOX (Orange), DOG (Brown), CAT (Purple), OWL (Black), KOALA (Grey), MONKEY (Brown) and we have plain Charcoal and plain Bright Blue if you prefer.

Please specify which types you would like when ordering. 


Best for: Hours of fun, a little gift, weak wrist exercise, restless hands, ASD, autism, Asperger's, anger management, or for when a calming moment is needed. Everybody needs at least one!

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