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Tena Pants Discreet Women - CTN 3x8


These pants are made of soft, crème-coloured fabric, making them look and feel deceptively like regular underwear, but with maximum absorbency.

They pull up and down for easy toilet use and have tear-away side-seams for convenient removal if soiled.

Made of a revolutionary soft, stretchy fabric, combining a pad and underwear in one. The highly absorbent pant provides breathable comfort and security for everyday life.


  • Fresh Odour Control helps prevent unwanted odour
  • Discreet protection with a feminine design
  • Just like underwear

Available sizes:

  • Medium - Waist 75-100cm
  • Large - Waist 95-125cm

Carton contains 3 packs of 8.

This product is for a carton of multiple packs, click here if you would like to purchase an individual pack.

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