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Tena Pants Maxi - CTN 4x12


TENA’s most absorbent pants. Anatomically designed with ConfioFit to reduce bulk, these pants quickly draw in and lock away fluid, prevent the odour developing and keeping the wearer dry.

These are ideal for heavy incontinence. The soft, stretchy and breathable fabric also means they feel and move just like regular underwear.


  • Total absorbency capacity 2550ml
  • Unique Dual Absorption Zone for optimum dryness and protection
  • Integrated leakage barriers for additional security
  • Triple Protection – Dry, Secure & Odour Control

Sizes Available:

  • Medium - 80-110cm
  • Large - 100-135cm

Carton contains 4 packs of 10.

This product is for a carton of multiple packs, click here if you would like to purchase an individual pack.

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