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Total Spinal Support


The Complete Contoured Back Support Chair Cushion - the "Total Spinal Support" is a full moulded postural back support featuring unique flanking support designed to prevent lateral movement.

The support offered by the flanks relieve stress on the major structures of the lumbar spine and rib cage.

Total Spinal Postural Support soothes and alleviates back pain through premium firm support.

The seat cushion is designed specifically for people with spinal pain, back pain, spine conditions or disability, and is intended to assist in the relief of back pain. 

Choose from 2 models according to the seating you will most often use the support on:

Model 1 is best for use on Firm seating such as a wheelchair, firm day chair, or car seat.  40 cm wide x 55 cm high

Model 2 is best for use on soft or padded seating such as a couch or soft armchair.        40 cm wide x 50 cm high

It is beautifully covered in Dura-fab, the super-soft easy-clean washable fabric that in a charcoal grey that suits any decor. This washable polyester fabric repels most soiling and is ideal for the car, office and couch. Suitable for hand wash, hang dry, or dry clean.

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