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Tovertafel UP - Additional Games


The Tovertafel UP is a fun care innovation that encourages adults with a learning disability to take part in physical activity and social interaction. 

The Tovertafel UP brings people with moderate to serious intellectual disabilities together in their natural surroundings. The result? A lot of fun and a lively and comfortable atmosphere. The games are unique because of their grown-up character and their accessibility for people with differing developmental levels. The Tovertafel has added value for each client: some actively join in on the fun, while others take part from a distance.

Tovertafel UP games differ from the Tovertafel Original games as they provide a more stimulating challenge than those designed for people living with dementia. They can be played either independently or with supervision. Having fun is the most important in our games.

Available Games:

  • Paint Splatters
  • Ladybirds
  • Bouquet
  • Caterpillars
  • Fast Train
  • Balloon
  • Soap Bubbles
  • Pond
  • Animal Pairs
  • Fruit Pairs
  • Animal Puzzle
  • Moles
  • Sandy Beach
  • Constellations
  • Ball Toss Booth
  • Puppies
  • Music Pairs
  • Colour Pop
  • Rainbow
  • Transport Pairs
  • Colouring Book
  • Transport Puzzle

Click here for more information on all the available games. (Subject to change as they are updated regularly) 

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