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Tovertafel Original - Book a Demonstration - *Contactless Option Available


The best way to see how effective Tovertafel can be is to see the responses and interactions it brings first hand, that's why we offer in house demonstrations. In these troubled times we can also offer contactless demonstrations to ensure the well being of everyone involved, while still providing the chance to try out thus stunning "Magic Table".

This page is to enquire about a Tovertafel demonstration - Click here if you would like to purchase a Tovertafel.

The Tovertafel Original from Active Cues is a beautiful piece of interactive technology made to provide many moments of happiness to people in the mid to late stages of their dementia journey.

It is a fun care innovation connecting people with each other and with their surroundings providing stimulation on three levels - social, cognitive and physical. The Tovertafel also aims to improve conversation opportunities and self-esteem while helping them to interact in a positive way with other people and their environment.

The vivid and rewarding games were developed with and specifically for people living with dementia and can be played independently and with supervision.

Click here for more information and frequently asked questions.

Click here for installation instructions and user guide.

Click here for a list and overview of all the available games. (Subject to change as they are updated regularly) 

Click here for a risk assessment guide regarding COVID-19.

For more information or to organise a free demonstration please contact 

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