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Travel John Disposal Urinal (3 Pack)


TravelJohn disposable urinals are convenient, sanitary, compact and discreet.  

A comfortable, unisex plastic collar makes them easy to use for men, women and children in awkward situations.

  • TravelJohn urinals are palm-sized, lightweight and compact - making them ideal for storing in a car, handbag or rucksack.
  • Each pack contains 3 x TravelJohn re-sealable bags - each capable of holding 800ml volume of liquid.
  • The Liqsorb pouch inside the urinal bag instantly gels after absorption of liquid, making it leak proof, so no closure is needed.
  • Each TravelJohn Disposable Urinal has a built-in volume indicator so it can be reused until it is full.
  • 3 individual antiseptic wipes are also supplied.
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