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Urban Poles - Activator Poles Replacement Bell Tips


If you have been having so much fun with your poles that the rubber tips are losing their grip? You can buy new tips just to swap over and keep on Poling!  

If you have found that your strength, balance and confidence in walking have improved, think about swapping to the Boot tips for a more challenging workout. If you are unsure - ask your health professional or phone Leef for a chat. Both tip types fit all poles.

Our exclusive bell tips are made of durable rubber for our ACTIVATOR™ Poles. The bell-shaped tips provide greater stability and weight bearing than the traditional Nordic walking boot tips.

Replace bell tips when the tread begins to wear and affect their stability, grip and shock-absorbing capabilities.

Our exclusive bell tips:

  • Improve stability and balance
  • Absorb vibration to reduce impact
  • Provide excellent traction on hard surfaces, both indoors and outdoors
  • Are quickly and easily removed to expose the carbide tip for walking on softer surfaces such as sand, trails and snow

For You.

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