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Urinal Male - Spillproof


The Spill-Proof Urinal Bottle provides a safe, hygienic solution for those who have a little trouble getting to the bathroom on their own or in search of a solution for outings where finding a bathroom can be inconvenient.

Designed for males, this lightweight, portable non-spill urinal is crafted with convenience and hygiene in mind. The urinal can be used seated or standing and the spill-proof design prevents leaks even when in an upright position.

Easy to clean with household disinfectants or anti-bacterial wipes.

  • Autoclavable for sanitising
  • Integrated handle
  • Patented non-spill spout prevents spillage in any position and unscrews easily for disposal and cleaning
  • 1 litre capacity - 500ml non-spill capacity
  • 100ml graduation markings
  • Moulded plastic
  • Weight 240g


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