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VISO10 - Large Easy Read Alzheimers Dementia Memory Clock


If you’re searching for an easy to read clock, look no further than the VISO10. The clock’s large display area allows for words to be written in full – no more abbreviations used for the day of the week or month. You even have a choice of 8 different languages. 

Clear easy to read clock, helpful for dementia, visual and memory challenges. The clock has non abbreviated display of day, time, date, month and year. 

It can be positioned on a table or wall mounted.

Dimensions (mm) : 280 x 190 x 27

Large Numeric Display (mm) : 190 x 105

Lock function to prevent accidental time change

Battery operated - requires 2 x AA batteries (supplied)

Warranty 2 years from product source

Please Note: This clock does not have any alarms, it is merely a visual and memory aid for the day, time, date, month and year. The clock needs to be adjusted manually for daylight savings changes.

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