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The Wonder sheet a very helpful product to help people use less effort to move about or turn over in bed.

For many people suffering illness, injury, or just a bit of stiffness and loss of agility, the basic function of turning over in bed or getting in and out, can be difficult and sometimes painful.

This unique style of fitted sheet called the Wonder Sheet could be the answer to your movement difficulties.

The Wonder Sheet is styled as a fitted sheet combining a satin panel in the middle where your hips and shoulders are, and poly/cotton sheeting at the ends- so you can get a better grip with your feet and so that your pillow doesn't slip off!

The Wonder Sheet is an effective therapeutic tool as the satin panel which sits under the user’s hip and bottom area allows for increased bed mobility, particularly with turning over in bed and swinging legs in and out of bed.

Sizes: Single, King Single, Long Single, Double, or Queen CHL-HNBS

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