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Your Talk Minder Alarm Clock


Talking Alarm Clock with Six Personal Recordable Messages Up to 6 recordable reminders per day Record your own voice and messages to play at your chosen time daily Even in your own language.

"Good Morning! Please take your morning pill for the 20th BEEP BEEP BEEP." “Good morning! The time is 10.30 AM, Friday, January 20th”

RECORD UP TO (6) OF YOUR OWN ALARM MESSAGES to alert users when it's time to take medication, get out of bed, eat, go to work, walk the dog, etc.

  • Alarm Sounds Periodically up to one hour until the red 'Alarm Acknowledged' button is pressed
  • LOUD Integrated Dual Speakers ensure the alarm is heard, even from another room
  • Clear, Large-Type LCD Display with Light makes viewing date, day and time easy
  • Oversized colour-coded buttons
  • Easy to set and Operate with a sliding selector and talking set features
  • Change any or all of the six alarms at any time and as often as you wish
  • Toggle each alarm ON or OFF with ease Record Anything from your own voice, own language, sounds or even birds chirping
  • Each alarm will sound daily at the time you specify.
  • The time of the day and date can be heard at any time by pressing the green 'Talk' button

Dimensions: 125mm W x 65mm H x 45mm D

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